Sunday, 27 May 2012

Kar Door Kapers Gets An Opening!


Now I've got that wierd thing done where people think that posting first on some website means something, I can continue on to something more important.

What is so important I hear you ask? Maybe I don't hear you ask, maybe it's just the voices again (more on that later), the answer in any case is my new blog "Kar Door Kapers".

This blog is all about my re-entry into the strange, miniature world of wargaming after a long, long hiatus. In fact, it's been almost 17 years since i was last into wargaming and I guess looking back at it I wasn't "into" it all that much really. I had one opponent on a regular basis, it was 2nd edition  Warhammer 40k, I had orks and he had tyranids, a very disheartening basis for my wargaming career as i won maybe 8 out of 32 games.

I got on with life, love and drugs and forgot about wargaming entirely....hang on that's not right, I'll start again. I got on with drugs, love and life and forgot entirely about wargaming. This all changed when I started playing FUMBBL , a bloodbowl simulation, leading me back into the world of very small expensive things (whether that be a tiny man, or a tiny drill, or some tiny sand in a tiny container it always seems to be very expensive for the size).

Hopefully I'll be posting what I have been up to since I rediscovered the eccentric joy of trying to paint a miniature eyeball with a miniature brush with very shaky hands (not miniturely shaking unfortunatley).

Till my next post of "It's been a while since i posted" I bid you good day, I SAID GOOD DAY!

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