Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Title

Last post I meant to explain about the title of my Blog, but as usual I got sidetracked...heh.
I knocked around a few ideas for a title of my blog, but quickly decided on the current title, which is both irreverent and humourous (well, least to me anyways).

I get the feeling after reading many forum posts on many websites that people take this hobby a wee bit seriously and that just isn't me. :)

Kar door Kapers was kinda taken from a series of posts on the privateer press forums which ended up in a none too serious discussion of how to say Khador. I know that PP state that khador is said Kaydor, but I can't for the life of me do it, I JUST CAN'T. I will always say khador as Kahdor, like khan or something else that has a kha in it. :D

So there you go, the reason for my amusing title, soon I shall have a groovy logo, and will have worked on the look of my blog. As this is my first blog I'm kind of learning as I go.

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