Tuesday, 26 June 2012

TERRAIN: The final product.

OK, Here are some pictures of finished terrain that i had promised.
The pictures are a bit rooted, but my camera-fu is extremely weak.
First up is the rock formation. Whole load of looking good for such a small outlay if you ask me!
(but who did eh?)
 The basing was done like so for 2 main reasons.
 Firstly, I find it weird that most wargames seem to be fought over perfect grass fields, it seems to me that most wars are fought in Flanders apparently.
Secondly, my Khador force, The Bonehands, are a border legion situated in the wastes somewhere, I originally envisioned them close to the desert the Skorne are crossing , but have found after looking at a map of The Iron Kingdoms that this is impossible (The #1 reason I think that the khador force book should have a map in it!) All my basing is done on similar lines, I quite like the look of it, though i must admit adding the flocking certainly makes it look better and more vibrant.

The Fort is up next. My best effort so far, it looks good in a shabby, hastily put-together-on-the-battlefield kind of way.  When I first started building it I thought of it as a semi temporary structure thrown up for protection, more for protection vs wild animals than a true fortification. Kind of the place a squad would travel to every year or so to check out the area. The fort is almost finished, a cooking pot and a fire have to be made for it somehow, but other than that it is ready to go.

Tables and stools, and woodpiles ect were added to make it look lived in.
I'll add a shot with the brave lass that leads my winterguard to give you an idea of scale.
 Best part about this terrain was it was very cheap to make, and looks good. Next up in my series of terrain is my broken bunker and another set of rocks. After that a forest and some linear obstacles look to be next in line to be made, then  some form of building. You can tell I really like making terrain. :)
Till next time :)

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