Sunday, 3 June 2012

First MIniatures Painted!

I created this bog to keep track of my wargaming, and my progress on painting , gaming, and terrain making, you know, that kind of place I can go to look at all my stuff and let out a self satisfied ahhhhh.

So first up I'm going to show the miniatures I have painted, and here's to hoping in a few months I can actually see a difference.
First things I have painted for a long time are my widowmakers. I love these guys, I painted them in different colours as I wanted them not to look like a unit (they are irregulars as I see them anyways).
First off I led with an all brown look  and then a green and dark look, when I paint up my next one I will have only one duplicate in the unit as well as having a VERY cool looking unit leader!

So without further ado, lets start off with the public embarrassment of showing off poorly painted miniatures.
At this stage my hands were very shaky so faces and extra small crud got left alone, kinda funny that my snipers have no eyes :D.

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