Monday, 25 June 2012

The Voice(s) 2012

My favourite thing in life (apart from Warmachine) would have to be The Voice! What a high concept! All those mediocre to good singers on stage, and best of all, now we don't have to listen to contestants cry all the time, as we have professional TV people to talk when the hopefuls aren't singing. Hah, I kid, the show is complete drivel and just makes publicity for manufactured pop stars to sell albums.

Here is one:  Karise

Hopefully after releasing an album and appearing at Westfield a few times she dissapears up her own clacker like a good manufactured pop star should.

Unlike this guy:  Anthony Callea , runner up in Australian Idol in 2004. Seriously, fuck off and die. You are gay? I'd have never have guessed mate, never.

Anyways that's enough side tracking, on to the real topic of my post.

The voices! I mentioned them in post 1 or 2. What is with them! I keep hearing them! All the time! They keep telling me to kill a kitten....oh, I'm not talking about those voices, I'm talking about the other ones...good catch me....thankyou me.

Did I mention sidetracking?

What I'm talking about is that strange affliction that affects gamers, the "I Must Own It Syndrome" , also known as IMOIS.This guy has it .I have it at the moment badly. I made up a wishlist of things I want to own for my khador force.

It came to $200 and that's with a 20% online sale! After I buy all these things, I still will not own things like IFP, Kyayzy, or even a mortar FFS.
The only item on that wishlist that I have in lists atm is the drakhun, the rest is all options and sad symptoms of IMOIS. Even though I don't need most of this stuff, the voices tell me "How cool is it?. How awesome does it look? YOU WANT 1 NOW!"

The worst symptom of IMOIS is hands down Alexia Ciannor and the risen. I will only be able to feature her in my Khador force, not my future Protectorate force or my future Skorney force (IMOIS again ) and she will most likely only be an option for some lists.
I am soooo tempted to buy her before the Drakhun for no apparent reason other than IMOIS!



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