Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Here Come The Winterguard!

They are done! That should probably read "They are FINALLY done". All in all I enjoyed painting them, I still think PP needs more sculpts for 10 man units but I am still happy with the result. They represent as a unit a solid advancement in my painting (the sergeant and banner bearer look decidedly different to this lot I'm about to show).
Not quite happy with my painting skills  yet, but they are still slowly improving, so yeah, hopefully soon I'll manage to change my gallery of shame to gallery of some-what-OK. :)

Thanks to plarzoid for providing inspiration and this handy dandy tutorial on fixing pictures.

Here they are! The lads!

and a close up picture:

The guy with a yellow beard is from the first batch of WG i painted, the rest are from the 2nd or 3rd batch. Both still have atrocious highlighting , but i can see improvements over him in the others.

In the works at the moment: As I said I've almost finished the UA for the winterguard, finished 3 bits of terrain, working on 3 more bits of terrain, and have a jack ready to go (ol' Draggy!) for the painting table.

Till next time! TOODLES!

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