Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Put it out quick! Here comes the sergeant!

The Winterguard are done! Goddammit, it took a long time. I am really happy with the sergeant and the banner bearer, my best efforts so far. Maybe the highlighting is a little subtle, but looks better than the overexaggerated efforts that went before it.
  The banner bearer is a MENACE. Obviously carrying that banner is tiring work as he seems to take every chance he gets to have a lie down. Something must be done about this as he has already damaged himself, the sergeant and a widowmaker as part of his unbalanced antics. I'll have to find something to ballast him, maybe at the hardware store?
Anyways here they are:
Next up in the painting side of things is a warjack, then Kovnik Joe and Harlan Versh . That will be a huge milestone as 25 points will be painted. WHOOOP!


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  2. Dude, thats some nice looking Winter Guard you got there.