Tuesday, 5 June 2012

2nd models completed!

Next up of the gallery of shame is the destroyer! Being new to warmachine I just had to do a jack. A big jack! A jack with a gun! I'm still not quite happy with the paintjob, I was in my 2 colour shading phase (I guess all artists have phases and as you can see from my painting I am certainly an artiste! :D) which didn't work out so well for the flat surfaces on the jack.

Next up was sorscha and and a rocketeer. Both still in my 2 tone phase still, I don't have good singular pictures of either and my kamera fu was weak when I tried to take some pics yesterday.

Overall I'm happy with sorscha , unfortunately I was packing the paint on a little thick at this point, but you live and learn. :)

AAAAAND now ladies and gentlemen, to the prime attraction, the money shot (no, not THAT kind of money shot, dirty people not keeping thier minds out of the gutters!).
This picture was a considerable source of pride for me featuring all my force at the time, I still loves it.

HOW cool are they? How AWESOMEe do they look? The answer is not very, never mind me I'm just gushing.
Till next time, TOODLES!

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